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Creta Autentica

Pure Pine Thyme Greek Honey by Meligyris Crete

Pure Pine Thyme Greek Honey by Meligyris Crete

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Experience the Rich Fusion of Pine Thyme Honey

Delight in the deep flavours of Pure Pine Thyme Honey, a unique blend sourced from the coexisting pine trees and thyme bushes of Crete. The dark amber colour and rich, intense taste of this Greek honey makes it a superb choice for enhancing both beverages and foods, while its high mineral content offers nutritious benefits.

Why You’ll Love It

• Unique Blend: Combines the essences of pine and thyme.
• Rich in Nutrients: High in minerals.
• Versatile Use: Ideal for teas, coffees, and culinary dishes.
• Award-Winning Quality: Recognized for its superior taste.

Size: 250 grams

About the Brand

Meligyris, established by Manolis Stefanakis, leverages a beekeeping legacy from 1920 to produce rare honey varieties in Crete. Utilizing his agricultural expertise and regional microclimates, Manolis crafts honey with unique flavours and properties reflective of Crete's diverse wild herbs.

How To Use

• Stir into teas or coffees for added flavour.
• Drizzle over breakfast dishes like pancakes or oatmeal.

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