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Prince of the Lilies

Prince of the Lilies

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Prince of the Lilies Fresco


The Minoan Prince of the Lilies Fresco is a well-known work of art from the Bronze Age civilization of Minoan Crete, dating back to around 1550-1450 BCE. It was discovered in the Knossos palace complex on the island of Crete, Greece.

The fresco depicts a young man, who is assumed to be of high status due to his elaborate clothing and jewelry. He wears a long, flowing white robe and a decorative belt, and his hair is styled in long, curly locks. 

The Minoan Prince of the Lilies Fresco is notable for its vibrant colors and intricate details, such as the delicate pattern on the prince's robe and the intricate knotwork on his belt. It is believed that the lilies represented in the fresco may have had symbolic significance in Minoan culture, possibly representing fertility, regeneration, or purity.

Overall, the Minoan Prince of the Lilies Fresco is an important example of Minoan art and provides insight into the culture and beliefs of this ancient civilization.

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