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Creta Autentica

Cold & Muscle Pain Cream

Cold & Muscle Pain Cream

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Soothe and Revitalize with Nature's Touch

Experience the comforting embrace of Athos' Cold & Muscle Pain Cream, a natural remedy designed to soothe your senses and relieve discomfort. Infused with nature's best, this cream for colds offers relief from symptoms, muscle stiffness, and pain, making it an essential companion for those seeking solace from life's physical demands.

Why You’ll Love It

• Natural relief for cold and muscle pain
• Cream for muscle pain that also soothes cracked and dry skin
• Ideal for massage and relieving fatigue
• No water added and not tested on animals

Size: 30ml

About the Brand

Athos Workshop crafts handmade natural personal care products using organic Cretan extra virgin olive oil as the primary ingredient. Inspired by Crete's diverse ecosystem, they collaborate with local producers for raw materials, emphasizing quality and harmony with nature.

How To Use

• Apply a small amount to skin until fully absorbed.
• Store in a cool, dry place.


Olea Europaea oil (organic extra virgin olive oil), rosmarinus officinalis extract (rosemary oil), coridothymus capitatus extract (wild thyme oil), cera flava (natural beeswax), prunus dulcis oil (sweet almond oil), eucalyptus globulus essential oil (eucalyptus essential oil), mentha piperita essential oil (mint essential oil), rosmarinus officinalis essential oil (rosemary essential oil), Laurus nobilis essential oil (laurel essential oil)


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