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The Cretan Diet Cookbook - 120 Authentic Recipes for Long, Healthy, and Happy Living

The Cretan Diet Cookbook - 120 Authentic Recipes for Long, Healthy, and Happy Living

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Author Aura Tatu takes the reader on a fascinating culinary journey that explores Cretan cuisine, a timeless repository of Mediterranean culture.  Being at the crossroads of Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East, many influences can be discerned.  The book is well written with clean and clear pages and delectable recipes, all of which will transport you to the sunny Mediterranean without leaving your home!

Known as the heart of Mediterranean cuisine, the Cretan diet boasts a rich history dating back over 3,000 years to the Minoan civilization. Despite enduring the influences of various colonizers like the Romans, Byzantine Empire, Venetians, and Turks, the island's culinary traditions have persevered and evolved into a beloved cuisine for modern enthusiasts of wholesome eating. Renowned as one of the world's healthiest diets, the Cretan way of eating garnered attention in the 1950s when American dieticians visited Crete to unravel the secrets behind the locals' remarkable longevity. To their surprise, they discovered a simple yet robust diet comprising wild greens, fruits, legumes, bread, barley rusks, modest protein, and copious amounts of olive oil. Though initially shocked by the seemingly humble fare, researchers were astounded by the islanders' exceptional health.

Extra virgin olive oil, a staple of Cretan cuisine, is not only heart-healthy but also boasts potent disease-fighting properties, as scientifically proven. At the core of Cretan cooking philosophy lies simplicity: utilizing local, seasonal ingredients, abundant olive oil, and employing straightforward, patient cooking techniques.

From hearty winter fare to refreshing summer dishes, the Cretan diet embodies a lifestyle that promotes longevity, vitality, and contentment.


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