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Creta Autentica

Organic Sage Honey - Meligyris Crete

Organic Sage Honey - Meligyris Crete

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Savor the aroma and unique taste of this delectable honey harvested from the the mountains of Crete!

It is collected from the sage herb, which grows in the Cretan woodlands.

Harvest Time

Sage honey is light in color, heavy bodied and has a mild but delightful flavor and an elegant floral aftertaste.

Nutritional Value
It is distinguished for its nutritional benefits. It is especially invigorating for the human body.

Serving Tips
Use it as a natural sweetener to lemonades and herbal teas. It is delicious served with hard cheeses, such as Graviera, Pecorino or Parmesan.

-The strong aroma of sage is what helps with lung problems and respiratory diseases, so it is particularly effective against rhinitis.
-Helps the nervous system and is therefore an ally in memory and brain power
-It is known for its diuretic action


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