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Creta Autentica

SŌMA Natural Deodorant Stick

SŌMA Natural Deodorant Stick

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Stay Fresh Without the Chemicals with the SŌMA Natural Deodorant Stick

Elevate your daily ritual with the SŌMA Natural Deodorant Stick, your ally for 24-hour protection against odor and wetness. Crafted from mineral salts, this deodorant stick offers a natural alternative to traditional antiperspirants. It respects your body's own processes, allowing for detoxification without clogging pores or leaving unwanted marks on your clothing. Ideal for sensitive skin, this all-natural deodorant stick formula is a testament to the purity and authenticity of Mediterranean wellness practices.

Why You’ll Love It

• 24-hour odor protection with natural mineral salts
• No yellow or white marks on clothes
• Sensitive skin-friendly and free from synthetic chemicals
• Supports natural detoxification without blocking pores

Size: 60 grams

About the Brand

Bioaroma Crete, founded in 2007 in Agios Nikolaos, specializes in organic cosmetics and perfumes, marrying ancient Cretan traditions with modern sustainable practices. Their products, deeply rooted in the island's rich botanical heritage, are 100% organic, vegan, and cruelty-free, certified by COSMOS ORGANIC.

How to Use

• Wet the stone and apply to clean underarms.
• Use sparingly with water, avoiding excess.
• Apply with gentle motions until underarm is dry.
• Store upside down to prevent water from entering the plastic base.


* From organic agriculture. ** Natural components of pure essential oils.
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