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Minoan Bull Fresco

Minoan Bull Fresco

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The bull was an important symbol and religious figure in Minoan civilization, which flourished on the island of Crete in the Bronze Age (around 3000-1100 BCE). Bulls were featured prominently in Minoan art and architecture, and were also central to religious rituals and beliefs.

The bull was also a key figure in Minoan mythology, often depicted as a powerful and sacred animal associated with the goddess and fertility. The Minoans believed in a goddess who was responsible for the cycle of life and death, and the bull was seen as a symbol of her power and strength.

Bulls were also used in religious sacrifices and offerings, and bull horns were often incorporated into Minoan religious objects. The importance of the bull in Minoan culture is thought to reflect the centrality of fertility, agriculture, and animal husbandry to their way of life, as well as their reverence for the natural world.

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